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Owner: The sole owner of this service.

"Silverhost" is not a registered business in the State of Missouri, nor does it have any physical locations, it is an online-only Website Hosting Service that only provides digital goods and services, it is run under the Owner's name and any taxes are paid as such, personally. Its source of income is selling Website Hosting on its virtual server. Billing information, Transactions, and Business for the "Silverhost" brand are handled by the owner personally and are processed through the Owner's personal PayPal account. "Silverhost" is only a brand name.

What's up with your WHOIS address?
In order to comply with having a physical US address for .us domains, while also protecting our privacy, we are using a forwarding service which happens not to be in Missouri.

"Silverhost" is in no way responsible for downtime or the effects of downtime or data loss of any service on our platform that is not caused by an action we took, we do not control the physical hardware or datacenter.

"Silverhost" cannot guarantee any percentage/amount of uptime.

"Silverhost" is not personally responsible for any content hosted on client websites.

"Silverhost" is not HIPAA compliant hosting, nor has it ever claimed to be.

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