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Updated 12/28/2020

By accessing our site or using any of our services you agree to the following Privacy Policy:

Silverhost Specific Policies:

  1. Silverhost may share your name and email address with Trustpilot, a 3rd party feedback provider.

  2. Silverhost reserves the right to view and access client contact, billing, and service information as well as usage statistics, at any time, for internal purposes only.

  3. Silverhost does not automatically remove old/unused accounts, or use "Closed Status", you must contact us in order to have your account removed.

  4. Silverhost will never share/sell your personal data with any 3rd party unless otherwise noted in this privacy policy, or in our Terms of Service.

  5. You may contact support at any time to delete your account and remove all of your data from our service.

  6. You may contact support ("Data Protection Officer") at any time to get a copy of all personal data we have of your account.

  7. By creating an account or ordering a service on our client area, you agree that we may collect and retain that data (including IP Address) that you submit when creating an account and ordering a service.

  8. By accessing any of our websites or services you agree to the use and potential storage of cookies on your browser.

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