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Updated 2/18/2021

By accessing our site or using any of our services you agree to the following Terms of Service:

If you are found to breaking any of our upstream provider's policies, or any of our policies, Silverhost reserves the right to suspend or terminate your service. In the case of termination, you may first (depending on the circumstances) have a suspension period, after which, your account and services will be terminated and your data will be removed from our servers.

Information on the Security and Location of Silverhost servers:


  1. If any website associated with your account is hosting content that is illegal in the United States (excluding DMCA and copyright, see below), your services will be terminated immediately, your data will be immediately wiped from our servers without warning (unless the data is required by law to be collected), you will receive no refund, and your personal information including your Billing Information and IP Address may be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies if necessary.

  2. Hosting content that is intended to "spoof" a legitimate company or organization (such as Microsoft or a tax agency), with the intent of scamming victims also falls under this category.


  1. If we are contacted about a DMCA claim against your site, your service will first have a suspension period of at least 48 hours, after which, your account will be terminated and your data removed from our servers. You will receive no refund.


  1. Any dissatisfied customer may contact Silverhost for a one time monetary refund within 3 days of purchasing a service.

  2. If a refund is requested a second time, or is outside of the 3 days window, you will receive credit that can be used for Silverhost services.

  3. If a chargeback or report of fraud is received, Silverhost reserves the right to suspend or terminate any services on the account (with a suspension period).


  1. In order to cancel a service, please use the cancel button or open a ticket with support. Services may either be cancelled immediately or at the end of the billing period. Once a service is cancelled (either immediately or at the end of the billing period), it is terminated and all data relating to that service is removed from our servers.


  1. An automatic backup of our server is taken every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 6 backups are kept at a time. You may contact support for a copy of your files in the backup if needed. Otherwise it is the customers responsibility to backup their content.


  1. A "Suspension Period" refers to a period of time where the service is suspended and no longer accessible, however you may contact Silverhost to obtain a full backup of your data during this period. A Suspension Period is provided at the sole discretion of Silverhost (unless otherwise noted) and is a courtesy.


  1. If payment for active services is not received after 7 days from the expiration date, the service will be suspended until payment is made (suspension period). If 7 days have passed after the suspension, your service will be terminated and your data will be removed from our servers.


All Silverhost services are sold as "unmanaged", meaning that we will provide basic support to ensure your services are functioning, but we will not provide any "managed" support such as installing apps for you, or setting up a domain.

Sending large amounts of unsolicited emails (spam) may also result in a suspension or termination of your account.

Silverhost is in no way responsible for downtime or the effects of downtime or data loss of any service on our platform that is not caused by an action we took, we do not control the physical hardware or datacenter.

Silverhost cannot guarantee any percentage/amount of uptime.

Silverhost is not personally responsible for any content hosted on client websites.

Silverhost is not HIPAA compliant hosting, nor has it ever claimed to be.

(This excludes TOS violations) Silverhost reserves the right to terminate or suspend any service at any time, for any reason, with a suspension period of at least 48 hours (after which your account will be terminated and your data removed from our servers), and a full monetary refund of your last payment.

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